Finding the Fluidity of the Feminine in the Structure of Business

Posted by Hannah Childs on

"Go with the flow." How many times have you heard those words? It's easier said than done, and the challenge with this statement without the self work to balance it, is that it becomes another action item on the to do list, with a  demand for fluidity instructed purely by constriction. I have found that the way to truly being in the flow, is to be so connected to myself, that the ins and outs of life can come and go just as the ocean tide. In finding a deeper connection to ourselves, our desires, our fears, our pain, our joys, our longings, we bring all of these pieces of us to the surface to be tended to, embraced, and released into the waters of life.

This great moment of pause over the last few months has offered something different to each of us. A flavor unique to our own location and stage of life. A time to really turn inward and reflect on who we are, and what we came here to do, to say, and to be. A time to look at the choices we make, and evaluate if they are truly supportive to this purpose. To me, this is what it means to be in the flow. To be so clear, to be so in tune, and to be so aligned with self, that the waves of life, be they joy lifting or pain invoking, can crash freely and continually ignite us into our individual paths.

This might sound like an airy fairy pipe dream reserved for the artist or the traveling nomad, but as women in business, I believe that this is our inherent gift. To let the structure and plans of our businesses hold all of the pieces of us as we let the container create the shape so we may express freely, artistically, poetically, luminously, compassionately, and authentically.

It is here where we find balance. Where the truth of our purpose becomes our north star that never, ever fades.

What does in the flow mean to you?

This beautiful art piece is by Linda Kofoed @artbylindakofoed


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