To Be Wild & Free- 2020 Collection is here!

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Hi everyone! I'm so happy to be back on the blog with a clarified vision, so much to share, and a deep desire to connect with each of you. The 2020 collection 'Wild and Free' is out now, and I can't wait for you to see it. The inspiration behind this collection is very personal to my journey, and the process of releasing the grip of my perfectionist, A+ student, people pleasing past, and unfurling into the full, wild, untethered expression of who I am as a designer, a small business owner, and a human on this planet at such a pivotal and tumultuous time.
To me, living as wild and free does not just mean living unapologetically as ourselves, but instead, living with unconditional love toward all of who we are. It means being so clear in who we are, and witnessing ourselves as we uncover the many layers of conditioning that keep us small, and that keep us formulated to fit in the box of society.
It means finding the courage to have the uncomfortable conversations with others, anchored in the kindest, truest place of ourselves, knowing that it is not our responsibility to manage the feelings or experience of another, while being able to show up in service of deeper connections.
It means being so connected to self, that no matter what happens, we remain clear and devoted to who we are, and our journey in life.
This collection is really a reflection of all of this. It is the feeling of breaking open, and breaking free. First from the limits of self- the detrimental ways we bring ourselves down, whether it be through the criticism of our bodies and appearance, or the way we assign a value of what success is. Second, it is breaking free from what others and society as a whole think of us and how we should be living, and instead, opening ourselves to live in the full capacity beyond what we ever dreamed to be possible. And lastly, it is offering this same layer of freedom to another through the witnessing and through the celebrating of someone else reclaiming their wild and free.
This is where we re-write the narrative of sisterhood, of feminism. It is not needing to shout louder to be heard. It is not need to put another down in order to be in our full power. It is recognizing and harnessing the unique gifts that we each possess, and supporting the cultivating of those gifts in another.
It is knowing so deeply that there is not only room for each of us to take up our space, but the transformation that occurs when we do, and then the interconnectedness that comes when we link hands from this place of sovereign, wise freedom of each of us living fully as who we are in the truest, brightest, kindest, most vibrant place.
It is about remembering that our clothes do not make us, but the way we feel in our clothes supports and inspires us to be in the full expression of who we are.
I'd love to hear what 'wild and free' means to you! You can shop the 2020 collection here.

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