Integrating back into a world that looks different than how we left it isn't all thorns. Back to the city fuses geometric mini gingham and calligraphy rose patterns to remind us of the duality in life, and the balance that is available to us in all moments.

Stylist tip: This collection is perfect for a mini capsule wardrobe. Prints accented with solid layers in black, white and grey make mixing and matching easier than ever.


Created with the dreamiest shades inspired by sand and surf, sprinkled with a healthy dose of this season's pastel tropics print, the playa collection has spring seaside vacay written all over it.

Stylist tip: Layer color and print for expressive wearability that offers you your own taste of sea breeze even during weeks when a beach is nowhere to be seen.


Inspired by the beauty that arises with the courage to dive deep into ourselves, honor our hearts calling, and blossom with unapologetic beauty.

Stylist tip: More is more! I love mixing the digital print with the floral for a statement of opposites. Feeling a little more reserved? Darker solids are your go to's for easy print wearing.


Hot, cold, and hot again. We all know the struggles that come with dressing during seasonal weather shifts.

Stylist tip: I like to use the rule of threes: one under layer (tee), one mid layer (sweatshirt or lightweight sweater), and one outer layer (poncho- it's your time to shine!).

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