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The Golf Channel- Hannah B. Leiner

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Street to Stable

"Wise beyond her age, Hannah naturally draws others to her.  I literally “bumped” into her in Wellington exactly one year ago.  As our friendship grew, I slowly became aware of the depth of her expertise in professional design, knowledge of the industry and a work ethic that has been an innate part of her being since a young age.
I admire experts that have studied their craft, express original thought, accept insight from others and have the fortitude to stand behind the integrity of their work.  We have a tight handful of individuals within equestrian sport that exhibit these qualities and I would add Hannah “Rose” Childs to this significant list.
Salut!" To read the full article on Street to Stable, click here.

The Hunt Eq

"THESE STRIPES. I’m obsessed. These colors are so gorgeous and I love the relaxed fit. Hannah Childs’ sweaters all feature this super cool knit rose on the back too! A fall staple done right! The fit of this sweater is similar to the previous, relaxed yet still feminine. There’s a subtle chevron knit on the sleeves." To see the full review and try on, click here.

Sidelines Magazine

When Hannah Childs’ kindergarten teacher first met her and asked the little girl what she liked to do for fun, Hannah told her teacher that she rode horses. “My mom and my dad looked at each other like, ‘What?’ because I had only ridden a pony at the fair. I just decided I rode horses.” Hannah, a native of Santa Barbara, California, now grown up, newly engaged and the founder of the brand Style Stock, displayed the same level of conviction as she determined her future career.
“In high school, I saw “Project Runway” on TV and said to my mom, ‘That’s what I want to do.’” So in 2013, Hannah launched the equestrian accessories line Style Stock as a passion project on the side while working her day job as fashion designer for UGG.  To read the full article, click here.

The Plaid Horse Magazine

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