Hannah Childs Lifestyle
Hannah Childs Lifestyle

Equestrian Luxury Apparel
Meets Athletic Performance

Inspired by the Beverly Hills glamour of Audrey Hepburn and fused with a dash of contemporary downtown L.A. style.


Is a way of life.

Hannah’s designs set women free from convention and other’s expectations; a freedom that carries into other parts of their lives. Her clothes are designed to make women feel confident, expressive, and sensual without sacrificing comfort, individuality and achievement.

Better Together

"In a sport that is highly individualized, I believe that magic happens when we come together to champion, celebrate, and support each other both in times of joy and grief."

- Hannah

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Charlie 1/4 Zip Warm Up

Charlie, short for Charlotte, is your best friend that you take everywhere. She gives you comfort with her deliciously soft organic cotton feel, and she gives you embrace with her cozy, oversized fit. Detailed with a dash of edge with her metal zipper, you can dress her up or down so she always has a place by your side. She is a reminder that you can be both fiercely strong and sweetly soft, and just like your bff, she'll be a champion of confidence in your ear for any situation you encounter while going after your dreams.

Harper Perforated Long Sleeve Tee

Looking for that one shirt to have on rotation every day of the week? Harper is your girl. Giving you the coverage you want from the sun while still staying cool and stylish, the Haper will be your go to solo layer for warm weather, or your under sweater piece for those chilly spring mornings. With perforated detailing on the shoulders and sleeves, and a flattering fit for all, she gives you room to breathe with the technical features to boot. Dyed in our custom wear-with-anything colors, she is sure to find a place in your wardrobe.

Sola 1/4 Zip Sun Shirt

Want to feel renewed and refreshed? Sola is your welcome ticket to the delight of your senses. With a core sun shirt as her foundation, you'll experience the bliss of technical cooling as a warm breeze kisses your skin through the perforated underarm and the thoughtfully placed stirrup or bit on your back. Add a tactile smile as you trace your fingers along the anglaise trim that embellishes the zipper, Sola is sure to remind you of the beauty that lives both within and without.

From the people
From the people
I have never been a huge person that’s into fashion, but that all changed when I stumbled upon the Hannah Childs Lifestyle brand one day in my local tack shop. It started with me buying one shirt to see how I felt riding in it after loving the pattern, which has turned into me being an avid supporter who anxiously awaits each release. I always laugh by saying I’m their number one fan, but they’ve earned my respect because their clothing is not only functional and comfortable but also doesn’t irritate my skin and fits me in a flattering way. I never go anywhere without having somebody compliment how I look, which was once foreign. I adore this brand with all my heart and can’t wait to continue being their number-one fan!
— Carri
From the people
"I really love riding in my long sleeve mesh polo top! I love the material…especially the sleeves. It’s such a flattering fit and the fabric is perfect for riding in all times of the year…not to mention, it always pairs well with all of my breeches and that always makes me feel my best before getting in the saddle."
— Kim