On this day of winter solstice, with the end of the year around the corner, I find myself in deeper reflection than usual. This is often a time of bright, joyous activity filled with celebration as well as distraction. As I have settled more into myself this year, I am finding a need for more solitude, spaciousness, and stepping to my internal slow rhythm.

Things have shifted for me in huge and minute ways in 2022, and I’ve come to love spending the final 10 days of the year in reverence for the ways I have grown, things I have learned and opportunities I’ve had. This year though, what I keep returning to is immense gratitude for my courage to follow the truthful tempo of my heart.

Life has been teaching me in all facets of my experience that just because I love something, doesn’t mean it’s always the right fit long term. I have come to accept and celebrate the closing of chapters, even if the ending doesn’t make logical sense. Call it what you want; intuition, inner knowing, divinity, synchronicity, but it has become the beat to which I walk, and in turn am able to ride the highs and lows, and be with the dichotomy of my grief of endings and my enthusiastic curiosity of potential.

I find I am most profoundly impacted and accelerated in my journey when I give full space for the ending of a cycle to complete, before I step into what’s next, and this year has been no different. HCL is sprouting roots more colorful, dynamic, and expressive than I thought possible, and I am beyond excited to share with you what will bloom in 2023.

In the meantime, while the holiday buzz fills the air I’ll be here, dropped into my truthful knowing, listening to the whisper of my huge dreams, and walking the path of the heart led entrepreneur.

I’d love to know, are you currently experiencing times of transition? What cycles are coming to completion?

December 21, 2022 — Hannah Childs

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