For any fellow entrepreneurs out there, you'll understand that branding and storytelling are one of the most important aspects to building a last business, and ironically it's one area I've struggled with the most.

I birthed HCL quickly, after having a directive in a dream, and the execution came serendipitously and without pause. However, one thing I've had a hard time answering is "who are we?" Recently, I hired an incredible team member to support and help clarify that for me, so I could effectively communicate that to you. 

I think it felt like a challenging question to answer because I/we are ever changing, never to be put in a box. If I'm being totally honest, as I've grown into a fuller, more vibrant expression, I've withheld some of what I'd like to share because "what if they don't like me?" (this feels like a theme I see come up for a lot of women who hold back their voice).

As Karen and I sat down to discuss my why's for starting HCL and what my big brand vision is, I was blown away by the immediate clarity with which she pulled apart my words, and put them back together in a concise, inspiring format. "It sounds like your mission is to liberate women into their most authentic expression?" she said, as my body filled with chills. We spent a couple more weeks honing in on our promise to you, to ourselves, and ultimately how the brand will exist in the world. 

The internet is filled with stories of huge successes and wins, and my hope in sharing some of the real, nitty gritty bits of entrepreneurship is that I serve as a reminder that it is okay to change, it is okay to not know (yet), it is okay to get outside support to narrow in on your why, because it's the messy, emotional filled, connecting with others experience that brings growth and leads us into purpose.

I will claim it here and now: I created HCL to inspire women to liberate their expression, and I want that freedom to impact every aspect of their lives.

You can read more about the HCL story here.

December 18, 2022 — Hannah Childs

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